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Books published by our own not-for-profit Historical Society

Raindrops and Sugar Crops

Tales from South of the Daintree

2010 136pp

Pam Willis Burden


Port's People

Locals' stories of Port Douglas

2005 138pp

Pam Willis Burden


Port of Promise

Illustrated history of Port Douglas

2006 90pp

Glenville Pike


Daintree River Pioneers

Survival in the tropical jungle

2007 62pp

Tricia Fay


Reflecting on the Past

Pictorial history of Port Douglas

2000 104pp

Billie Lloyd


“Let’s Go to the Pictures in Mossman”

Memories of the two cinemas in Mossman

2013 56pp

Pam Willis Burden


Built To Survive

The uncertain journey of a Court House built for Port Douglas – 1879

2017 104 pp

Noel Weare


Cattle, Cane and Cedar

Early Farming in Douglas Shire

2017 163pp

Ken Keith


(+ postage and packing $14)

Surviving Paradise

Life stories from the Douglas Shire

2018 155 pp

Pam Willis Burden




+ postage and packing $10 unless otherwise marked

Books published by others but available from us:

Remembering the Douglas Shire

2008 108pp

Pam Willis Burden


(+ postage and packing $14)

No Load to Carry

The history of Craiglie, Mowbray River and Killaloe State Schools 1888-1962

2005 72pp

Marie Finn


The Daintree Blockade

the Battle for Australia’s Tropical Rainforests

2017 344 pp

Bill Wilkie


(+ postage and packing $15)

Norman Baird

A spark within

2006 81 pp

Kathleen Denigan


St Mary’s of Port Douglas

As it came to pass

2012 104 pp

Barry Craig


This Upstart Port Douglas

As reported by newspapers between 1873 and 1911

2019 142 pp

Noel Weare


+ postage and packaging $10 unless otherwise marked


Booklets and Pamphlets

The Battle of the Coral Sea Illustrated story of May 1942. 14pp  1998 Billie Lloyd $3
Ellen Thomson Murder Illustrated story of Ellen Thomson.   17pp   1997 Billie Lloyd $5
A Walk Back into the History of Port Douglas 1877-1994 $2
Ellen Thomson and John Harrison statements Actual handwritten statements.    18pp   1887 $5
PD School pages Photographic copy of School Rolls 1879-1962 (A4 size). 38pp 2005 $30
PD School 334 Reference Data for Admission Register 1879-1962. 96pp 2005 $20
A walk in the Port Douglas Pioneer Cemetery Some Stories of People of Interest Nov 2018. 4pp Noel Weare Download for free

 + postage and packing $10 unless otherwise marked


Re-enactment of Ellen Thomson’s commital hearing in the actual court in Port Douglas

A DSHS production.  1997



The Port Douglas Waterfront – a Moment in Time $5
St Mary’s by the Sea $5
Watercolour of Sugar Wharf & original stone pitched approach $1


All bulletins cost $2 + postage and packing $3

  1. The very early days around Mossman River - David Rex
  2. Not available
  3. Mossman Tramway Reminiscences - Mike Loveday
  4. Some history of the Bump and Surrounds - Charley McCracken
  5. Setting up a North Queensland Police District in the 1870's - Noel Weare
  6. Title Searching - Tom Wilhelm
  7. Some notes on the History of the Douglas Shire 1874 - 1945 Part B - David Rex
  8. Not available
  9. Clearing and Cane Holing Land at Whyanbeel - Charley McCracken
  10. Some notes on Hotels at Port Douglas & the Court House Hotel - Noel Weare
  11. World War II & the Douglas Shire - David Rex
  12. Short-cut to Mount Molloy by and Old Aboriginal Walking Track - Charley McCracken
  13. Experiences in the Cyclone of 12th March 1934 - Marshall Roberts
  14. The 1st 100 years of Pottery in Qld & The Fisher Family Association - Jack Fisher
  15. Weather at Mossman South Station 031055 since 1908 – David Rex
  16. Lighthouses & the Low Isles off Port Dougas - Billi Lloyd
  17. Life on Low Isles - Alice Cane (nee Nibloe)
  18. Women in Isolation from the beginning in Australia - Cathy Jack
  19. Mount Molloy - Peter Justice
  20. History compiled on the Mullavey Family of Mossman - Cathy Jack
  21. History compiled on the Fisher Family of Daintree - Cathy Jack
  22. Police Sergeant Henry Hasenkamp Registered No. 65 - Noel Weare
  23. History of the Mossman/Port Douglas Rail System - Graham Jorgensen
  24. A Day of rain - 27th January 1969 - Val McCracken
  25. History of Port Douglas, Far North Queensland - Pam Willis Burden
  26. History of Mossman, Far North Queensland - Pam Willis Burden
  27. A Stroke of Luck - Miriam O'Shea
  28. History of Mowbray, Far North Queensland - Pam Willis Burden
  29. History of Cape Tribulation, Far North Queensland - Pam Willis Burden / Lawrence Mason
  30. Social Life in Mossman (1943 - 1946) - Miriam O'Shea (Cooper)
  31. Port Douglas Yesteryear - Era of Early Ships Trading to and from the Port - Joe Bettany (1977)
  32. Some World War Memories - Val McCracken
  33. Traffic Down the Bump - Val McCracken
  34. Wonga - Wungkun - Val McCracken
  35. With the Governor in the North - Unknown (1884)
  36. The Road they Travelled (Cairns Post 1983) - Hugh Borland (1938)
  37. A Visit to God's Acre (Townsville Daily Bulletin 1938)
  38. Chop-Chop - Val McCracken
  39. Native Police Activity in the Port Douglas District - Dr. Jonathan Richards
  40. Building St. David's Church Mossman 1912-2012 - Ken Keith
  41. Tales of Mossman River - Billie Noli
  42. John Basey Isley (1837-1916) – A Short Biography - John Walters
  43. Walking the Zig Zag - Val McCraken
  44. Summary Statement of Lou Prince’s Contribution to the Sugar Industry and the Douglas Shire Community - Bob Prince
  45. Jean Allen’s Reminiscences of Port Douglas - Ruth & Paul Grishy
  46. Inquest into the Death of Leong You 1912 - Noel Weare
  47. Maurice de Tournouer and Wetherby Brahman Stud Number 2 - John Colliss
  48. Mossman Hospital Celebrates 85 Years - Annette Anich
  49. The Western Front – With Reference to Diggers of Douglas - Ken Keith
  50. Hou Wang Palace Temple, Port Douglas - Jacky Tam
  51. History of Red Cross in Mossman and Personal Involvement - Marveen Hodgson
  52. Some History of Road Sugar Transport from Mossman to Cairns Wharf - John White
  53. Francis [Family] History - Jocelyn White
  54. Finding Crashed DC3 in January 1989 - John White
  55. Some Stories of People in the Port Douglas Pioneer Cemetery - Noel Weare
  56. Some Notes on WW2 Sea Mines Washed Up Douglas’ Coastline - Noel Weare
  57. 25 Years - A History of the Douglas Shire Community Services Association Inc. - Gail Cockburn
  58. Anniversary of Amalgamation - Pam Willis Burden
  59. Port Douglas and the Flagstaff on Flagstaff Hill - Noel Weare
  60. Mossman to Julatten Road and the Charles May Lookout - Noel Weare
  61. Bailey’s Creek - 1956–1957 - John & Jocelyn White
  62. The Fischer Family of Daintree 1882-2001 - Sylvia Fischer-Prior
  63. Daintree River Boats - Pam Wills Burden
  64. The Gavrilovich Murder Case -  Lynn Anich

Our photograph collection can be used for research.

Pam has recorded a wide-ranging oral history collection which is now housed in the State Library of Queensland.

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