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Some employees at the theatres were


Dick LunnOwner and manager. Principal of Northern Photoplay Company
Ernest HannafordPartner in Northern Photoplay Company until 1918
Dolly LunnCandy Bar and Ticket sales
Charles May Projectionist
PS LunnProjectionist
Mrs Esther MaundPianist
Mick LandyDoorman
Charlie LandyDoorman about 1915


1930 – 1946 Northern Photoplay Company

Dick LunnOwner as before
Dolly LunnCandy Bar
Gordon Carroll Projectionist late 1930s until 1940
PS Lunn Projectionist until 1942
Mr TrailProjectionist from 1942
Darcy YoungProjectionist from about 1943
Herman Fatty BardkeDoorman
Keith Bucket McLeanDoorman during WWII, 1942, 1943

1946 – 1956 Far Northern Theatres Ltd

Gordon CarrollProjectionist from 1947. Manager from 1950. Left 1953
Ron JohnstonProjectionist from Dec.1949. Left 1950s
Jack BarnettProjectionist from about 1953
Henry Lis Projectionist about 1954
Bert SieversAssistant projectionist to Henry Lis. Left aged about 20
Donnie GrayAssistant projectionist from 1954
Graham BuxtonAsst Projectionist till 1949
Keith Bucket McLeanManager 1949
Keith TraineManager probably from 1953
Darcy Young Projectionist and doorman
Iris HollierCandy Bar
Edna CalderaTicket office
Beryl Fox nee SmithTicket office
Agnes Norris nee JackTicket office and usherette
Phyllis Cobb nee CreesTicket office
Lorna Davis nee HarperTicket office
Joyce Maloney nee MorganTicket office and usherette
Elsie O’Donoghue nee McDowellTicket office from early 1950s
Muriel Jones nee WhittonUsherette
Lea Young BarascoUsherette
Bob TunnieUsher


Rex Theatre

1956 – 1961 Far Northern Theatres Ltd

Keith TraineManagerfrom 1956
Norm TraineManager
Jack BarnettProjectionist from 1956
Donnie Gray Assistant Projectionistfrom 1956
Freda BarnettCandy Bar

Henry Lis



1961 – 1973 Wal and Lil Plemenuk

Wal PlemenukOwner and Manager
Lil PlemenukOwner and Candy Bar
Bob Plemenuk Usher and Projectionist
Joan Plemenuk Candy Bar
Ron JohnstonProjectionist
Jan McLeanCandy Bar
Patricia GrayCandy Bar
Elizabeth JackCandy Bar
Joe NoliUsher
Violet DavisTicket Office
Edna KeithTicket Office
Carmel ZilfleischUsherette
Vic DibleyUsher
Clicker McLeanUsher
Joe PuglisiUsher
Laurie CarboUsher

1973 – 1980 Rita Quaid

Rita QuaidOwner
Glenda QuaidCandy Bar and ticket office
Carol QuaidCandy Bar and ticket office
Janice Quaid Candy Bar and ticket office
Jim WilliamsManager and film booker
Ron JohnstonProjectionist
Eddie BakerProjectionist
Violet DavisTicket office
Barbara HallTicket office
Clicker McLeanUsher
Iris HollierCleaner

1980 – ? William and Margaret Bourchier

William Bourchier owner and projectionist?

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