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Please fill in the form above and send it, then we will contact you to finalize payment. Or please download the membership form here, fill it in and send with subscription to the Douglas Historical Society.

The Society meets on the first Monday of each month, alternatively at the Mossman Community Centre in Mill Street, and the Port Douglas CWA in Reynolds Park. Notices of meetings are in the Gazette in Public Notices on the Thursday before the meeting. All members and friends welcome.

Freda Wilson

Annette Anich

Anne Lloyd

Pam Willis Burden


Gail Cockburn

The Douglas Shire Historical Society operates the Port Douglas Court House Museum with volunteers.  It has been an Incorporated Society since 1994 and was set up to preserve the history of the area and to establish the Port Douglas Court House Museum.

We are always looking for new members.  If you are interested in research, in being a volunteer at the museum, or in helping to catalogue our collection, please email us.